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Our Native American heritage transcends throughout our lives and the beauty and uniqueness of its people have been preserved and portrayed in this Native American collection of dolls. We have authentic Native American dolls with fine features made from porcelain, beautiful clothing and each uniquely made, as well as well known brands such as Sandy Dolls or Timeless Collections which also recreate the Native American themed dolls with great care.
Designed by artist Ruben Tejada, these adorable vinyl dolls are tribal-specific, researched for authenticity and have a story card describing the tribe that it represents. Beautiful and informative, these Native American collectable dolls that are great for children as well as adults to collect from each tribe.
These authentic Native American porcelain dolls are each unique and made by a family of doll makers with a long history of doll making. This family of brothers and sisters each tries a new style to distinguish and make his /her own doll beautiful and uniquely their own.
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